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For many people, the kitchen, or combined kitchen/dining area, is the space they use the most in their house, not only for day to day family life, but also for socialising and entertaining guests. So it’s important to clients that, as well as delivering maximum functionality, their kitchen/dining area also has considerable visual appeal and blends well with their other reception rooms. Our ability to design custom kitchens enables clients to personalise this area to suit their lifestyle. Or we work closely with ‘off-the-shelf’ suppliers to achieve the best results from their product ranges for our clients.>

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Bathroom design is one of the more complex and time-consuming elements of a refurbishment or new-build, necessitating a multitude of decisions on layout, ergonomics, sanitaryware and finishes. It is also an area where poor advance planning can result in costly alterations at a later stage. We undertake all the elements of bathroom design, right down to specifying tile set-outs, and we liaise with suppliers, architects and contractors as required, to support our clients throughout the decision-making and installation process.

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Whether the preference is for clean and contemporary panel glides and roller blinds, or for traditional curtains, we have considerable experience working with the leading manufacturers of tracks and poles, so that we can source and install the ideal solution for any type of window. We also supply electrically operated curtains and blinds, which can be integrated in home automation systems if required.

soft furnishing   soft furnishings   sara colledge

Although more ‘cosmetic’, the smaller, final details of a scheme, such as cushions, throws or bed-covers, can be used to great effect to introduce bursts of colour or contrast textures, as well as increasing the comfort level. We are fortunate to have long-standing partnerships with two local workshops, whose talented staff undertake the soft furnishing and upholstery aspects of our work.

lighting   lighting design   sara colledge

Lighting design is a key element of our work, because lighting a space effectively is as important to the end result as the furniture and fittings in that space. Not only from a practical point of view, in that the space needs to be lit sufficiently to fulfil its primary function, but also from the point of view of the overall ambience, as lighting and, in particular, the contrast between light and shade is used to create atmosphere and impact. And if we can’t source exactly the right light fitting for a project, then we will design a customised one-off piece and find the right people to make it.

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Our projects frequently include items of built-in joinery, such as shelving and cabinetry, study fit-outs and wardrobes or dressing rooms. We are able to design these key items to complement the decorative scheme of the space. We then work closely with skilled joiners to develop the working drawings and detailing, and, ultimately, to complete the final installation

furniture design   furniture design    sara colledge

As with our lighting design service, if we can’t find exactly the right furniture for a specific project or space, then we will design and make a custom piece for our clients. Past examples of this include coffee tables, beds, desks, dressing tables, console tables, benches and washstands. We have established a very productive network of independent craftspeople, such as blacksmiths, sand-blasters and metal fabricators to achieve this.

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We source every type of flooring – rugs, timber, natural stone, ceramic tiles, carpet, linoleum, vinyl, poured resin – and we make sure that we also employ contractors and fitters with the appropriate training and expertise not only for installation of all these types of flooring, but also for the all-important sub-floor preparation.
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